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Hello and thanks for visiting Omni Massage and Beauty Bar. Here you will find a wide array of services. There is something here for everyone. Please explore all the services we offer here. We can't wait to be of service to you!!! 

Student discounts are available on services.

Facials and Peels

Hydralux Infusion Facial

Our Philosophy

Our company is her to serve everyone! We pride ourselves in having a diverse clientele and work hard to provide top quality service to everyone we serve. To ensure such we limit the amount of clients we book each day and place strong focus on providing clean, safe, and a comfortable environment for our clients. We want each visit to be a great experience knowing that we are nothing without our dedicated customers.  top quality service we never over book and take limited clients per day to ensure this happens. We want to ensure our clients are  in a clean and safe environment, and every visit to be a great experience because we are nothing without you!!! 


Men Body Treatments

Spa Parties

Nashville Bachelorette Party

Results & Recovery

Here at Omni Massage & Beauty Bar, results

and post treatment care

is very important. At the end of each session you will be given a post treatment care plan.To ensure the best results we have to work as a team. Results may very due to age, sun damage, condition of skin, smoking, and post treatment care. We pride ourselves on getting you the results that you are seeking. You leave our salon looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


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